Saturday, 17 November 2012

Things you need to know before choosing your Webhosting

In the start of blogging career we can make big mistakes by choosing a cheap web hosting. As most of new bloggers are starting now days with WordPress so this means with passage of time your traffic increased and  your need of plugins will also increase. As you know plugins eats a lot of memory which means that plugins can give your site downtime. In case you're using shared hosting it also effects other sites working on that shared server, so most of hosting companies starts to email you that upgrade your package or manage your memory consumption or also block your account in case the problem is not resolving and your all effort are wasted.
If you want to save to your self from all this, you should be careful in selecting your hosting package and service. I shall recommend to register your domain with GoDaddy and get hosting service from HostGator they both are best known for their work from a long time and trusted.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Different Ways to Find Domain Name That Suits Your Idea or Business

Find Domain Name That Suits Your Idea or Business

There are lots of domains names available but you can waste hours of their important time doing search. First of all think about your idea that you want to use in your blog. After thinking of idea you should find domain name of keyword based, but this is also hard if you're new in blogging.

Sites Help you in finding domain name:


If you're starting a new business, find an awesome brand name for your blog. Your brand name is not for SEO so make it short, clear and unique so everyone can remember it easily. You can take big example from companies like Yahoo and Apple.
If you don't want to start a new business and want to continue from someone's then you can find brand domain with nice packages and you'll find your brand name easily from stylate.